Selection Process

The Selection Committee consists of seven (7) members of the Montgomery County Sports Hall of Fame Board. All Committee members must have an understanding of Montgomery County sports, Montgomery County Sports Hall of Fame, and have brought honor and distinction to Montgomery County through their notable achievements in sports, professional career, or contribution to the community.

The Selection Committee will meet annually to elect inductees from each nomination category (if applicable).

The Selection Committee will determine the minimum number of votes required to determine the number of nominees that will be presented to the full MCSHF Board for final induction consideration rather than predetermining a fixed number of nominees that will be considered finalists. Consideration will be given equally to all men and women athletic programs.

The Selection Process is as follows:

  1. After the deadline date has passed, at least 2-3 members of the Selection Committee will be responsible for reviewing the nomination forms for completion, sort nominations into perspective award categories, put names on a ballot, and prepare a short bio for each candidate for review by the entire Selection Committee.
    • Only forms submitted by the deadline date will be reviewed.
    • Only completed forms with all supporting documentations will be eligible for award considerations.
      • All required fields of the Nomination Form must be completed.
      • Letters of support must include Name, Relationship to nominee, phone, and email address.
      • Supporting documentations must come from a reputable secondary source including supporting accolades of candidate.
  2. Selection Committee will receive a bio prior to nomination voting to prepare for nomination discussion and vote.
  3. The Selection Committee will determine the award categories, number of awards, and final list of nominees.
    1. Approve nomination forms based on:
      • Form received by deadline date and
      • Nominee meets nomination criteria
    2. Organize approved nominations based on nomination categories
    3. Based on nominations, determine the Nomination Categories and number of award recipients for each category to be inducted in the Sports Hall of Fame.
    4. After review and discussion of candidates, recommend inductees based on majority vote.
      • No more than two (2) individuals may be selected for nomination categories.
      • At least two (2) individuals from a sport other than football, basketball, baseball, soccer, track & field, hockey, golf, tennis, and volleyball, and lacrosse will be selected.
    5. Votes will be tabulated by 2 (two) members of the Selection Committee in the presence of the Committee.
    6. Selection Committee Chair will present a proposed list of inductees to Montgomery County Sports Hall of Fame board for final approval.
    7. All voting is confidential, and results will be confidential until:

a. an announcement (and acceptance) is made to inductees,
b. press release developed, and
c. public announcement made.

The Selection Committee shall reserve the right to conduct further research on nominees including verifying references prior to consideration by the Montgomery  County Sports Hall of Fame board.

  • The number of candidates to be placed on the yearly ballot shall be determined by the Committee.
  • Consideration will be given equally across ALL men and women sports programs.
  • There is an expectation that inductees will attend the induction ceremony.

Under unique circumstances the Selection Committee has the authority to waive the eligibility requirement with a ⅔ majority vote of the Committee present and voting. Any requirements waived will be fully documented and presented to the Montgomery County Sports Hall of Fame board for approval.

The Board of Directors also reserves the right to honor others for special endeavors, teams of distinction, teams and individuals of yesteryear, courageous athletes, etc.