Nomination Process

Nomination is the first step to being inducted into the The Montgomery County Sports Hall of Fame. The nomination process will open in the summer with an announcement on the organization’s website including the following information:

  1. The announcement that the nomination process has begun including a deadline date for submission.
    • A Save the Date announcement will be made at this time.
  2. Access to the online form will be made available during the period we are accepting forms.
    • Forms will be vetted for completeness.
      • Only completed forms with all supporting documentations will be eligible for award considerations.
    • Forms will not be accepted past the deadline date.
  3. After the deadline date has passed, the online form will be shut down until the following year.

Members of the Selection Committee will be responsible for reviewing the forms for:

  • Completeness
  • Reference checks
  • Supporting documentations

The Selection will determine the award categories, number of awards, and the final list of nominees.

The Selection Committee will present the list to the Montgomery County Board of Directors for final approval.

Upon board approval, selectees (or their family representatives) will be notified.

Inductees will be awarded through a recognition ceremony in the summer. The ceremony will represent the conclusion of the Montgomery County Sports Hall of Fame nomination process for that calendar year.